CIN : U74999DL2016PTC301297

Startup Performance

Product/service of company
Hardware and Cloud Platform as a service
Key area of work
"Power Management Unit" Manufacturing and Service companies
Revenue Generated
2017-18: 46Lacs
2018-19: 20 Lacs
Stage of development
Early Traction
Business Model
Licensing of Hardware, Firmware and Online Platform subscription
Activities completed
Completed MVP of GSM and Wi-Fi Gateways/Acquired 1st customer for Product/Delivered 2 Solar Power Plants/Multiple refining iterations to business model
Road map
Acquire 100 customers/Bring 1 Lac devices on portal/Turnover 20 Cr+/Team Size: 20+/Add 2 more products/Claim patents for hardware designs/Raise Seed funds and get ready for Series A by 2020
Competitor & position /rank
Gautam Solar/Zenatix/Freespirit Green Labs
First Customer: Mahindra Group