Our Facilities


Secretarial Service

  • DTU-IIF provides the startups with administrative services and thus help in planning, directing, and coordinating all the activities necessary for the startup's smooth functioning.
  • DTU-IIF relieves the startups from the weight of office services and keeps the daily operation and staff in check.
  • DTU-IIF also provides 24/7 service to all the startups making it easier for the startups to work flexibly.

Infrastructural / Facility Services

  • Startups are provided with personalised cubicles equipped with whiteboards for efficient planning and cupboards for storage management.
  • DTU-IIF provides the startups with a high-speed WiFi connection, making it easier to create a robust online presence.
  • Cubicles provided by DTU-IIF are equipped with centralised ACs providing a better work experience to the employees.

Business Service

  • DTU-IIF assists the startups by making them familiar with business basics.
  • Regular mentorship sessions from experts associated with DTU-IIF are conducted to provide E-Commerce and Marketing assistance to the startups.
  • DTU-IIF promotes its startups and helps them evolve from an idea to a market-ready product that can compete with other alternatives.

Financing and Access to finance

  • DTU-IIF provides the startups with the best accounting and financial management knowledge by conducting well-structured workshops.
  • It helps the startups to raise bank finance, grants, seed and venture capital.
  • Startups under DTU-IIF also get acknowledged by the "Startup India" programme started by the government of India, enabling them to get various other monetary concessions and benefits

Network Building

  • Delhi Technological University has a rich alumnus of entrepreneurs with successful startups like Paytm and Jabong. DTU-IIF connects the new startups with the already successful ones.
  • DTU, one of India's top colleges, connects the startups to other higher education institutes like IITs and IIMs for cross-faculty discussions and seminars.
  • DTU-IIF connects startups with venture capitalists, business angels and gives them access to strategic partner linkages.

Education/ Access to knowledge

  • DTU-IIF provides the incubitees with human resources training enabling them to acquire skills, knowledge, abilities and attitude needed to run a startup.
  • The library at DTU-IIF provides the startups with a rich source of knowledge on various aspects of business development.
  • Startups are trained to be proficient in business management and presentation skills.

Brand Building

  • DTU-IIF is a platform to encourage students towards entrepreneurship and therefore it believes in making its processes easy for the students.
  • DTU-IIF has strict admission and exit rules to make it easier for the startups to start and end.
  • DTU-IIF aims at helping the startups to build a strong market presence and establish a brand of their own.