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Reway Technologies

In Bharat every single year more that 3Million Metric Tonnes of Electronic Waste is produced
Even if all the commercial planes made in human history are weighed together, it will still be less than this amount. Every second 800 laptops are being thrown away.

You will be surprised to know that almost 17 types of precious metals can be extracted from this waste, including gold, silver, copper, and nickel,

In a nation burdened by the mounting E-Waste crisis, that has environmental, social and environmental implications we a group of young and innovative tech visionaries embarked on a mission to revolutionise the eWaste landscape.

To solve this issue we are building a complete ecosystem, for procurement of E-Waste

For catering to the B2B segment we have a Reway E-Marketplace where we aggregate multiple recyclers and logistics providers on one platform.
For catering to Individual consumers we are building a network of collection centres by partnering with societies and retail electronics sellers.