Funding Raised:

₹ 50,000


05/01/2023, 2.7 Crore INR, Antler India & Shiru Japan

About Cattle Guru

Cattle Guru revolutionizes the cattle industry by providing easy access to high-quality cattle feed, instant appointments with veterinarians, and empowering cattle farmers to make informed decisions for their livestock. With Cattle Guru, farmers can optimize nutrition, ensure timely healthcare, and enhance overall herd management, leading to improved productivity and well-being of their cattle.

At Cattle Guru, our vision is to transform the lives of cattle farmers and disrupt the multi-billion dollar cattle food industry. By offering innovative solutions and empowering farmers with cutting-edge tools, we aim to revolutionize the way cattle farming is practiced. Through our commitment to excellence and driving positive change, we envision a future where cattle farmers thrive, the industry evolves, and the well-being of both farmers and their cattle is greatly enhanced.