NASSCOM‘s “Start-up Catalysts – Incubators & Accelerators” report underlines the current scenario and growth of incubator and accelerator ecosystem in India. It covers various programs hosted by variety of operators and their key highlights. The study has analysed various key performance indicators for all programs to find their focus areas. It also provides key recommendations for all stakeholders to achieve specific targets by 2025.


Key Highlights

Current Scenario

  • With 520+ tech incubators and accelerators, India has the 3rd largest number of active programs in the world
  • 42% of the programs have been set-up in just last five years to support the needs of Indian start-ups

Academic and Public Programs:

  • 100+ academic programs incepted in last 5 years primarily driven by central government agencies
  • 70+ public programs in India contributing to geographical expansion of the incubator accelerator ecosystem

Corporate and Private Programs:

  • 75% of the corporates programs are located in just three cities/region focussed on BFSI and HiTech sector
  • 87% of the private programs are based in established start-up hubs


  • The key is to place emphasis on capability-building over capacity building
  • Effort across three dimensions that strengthen the core, increase private participation and incentivize performance