HDFC bank has setup a smart solution(smartup) for startups.

Alliance of Digital foundation is working as representative body for Indian technology startup and it focuses on policy – level , sustainability and operation focused challenges with a vision of catapulting India to the top startup nations in the world.


Fun2do Labs is a pioneering EdTech startup that has redefined the landscape of learning through its groundbreaking creation of the very first transmedia learning environment. Embrace a future where schools transcend digital classrooms and become exhilarating digital amusement parks. Join us on this transformative journey today!

We are the sole non-profit organisation representing the Indian IT industry in the nasscom ecosystem. We remain committed to our core philosophy of TechForGood, in which we strive to unleash the power of technology by providing access and opportunity to those in need. We use technology to assist people and institutions in transforming the way they address social and economic concerns.