House Technologies

Funding Raised:

₹ 6,00,000

House Technologies

House Technologies is a pioneering startup that’s rewriting the script in the world of drone technology. Our mission is to democratize aerial solutions and empower industries and individuals alike through cutting-edge innovations in the drone industry. We specialize in the development of miniaturized nano drones equipped with advanced sensors and communication tools. These compact marvels are engineered to offer unparalleled precision and versatility in applications across various sectors.

Our journey is fueled by innovation and a commitment to solving real-world problems. Whether it’s optimizing agriculture practices, enhancing disaster response, or revolutionizing urban surveillance, our nano drones are at the forefront of technological advancement. Our team comprises visionary leaders, including Shivam Gupta, Anshu Gupta, and Abhinav Raj Singh, each bringing unique expertise to drive House Technologies to new heights.

Our startup has garnered recognition and support from esteemed institutions like IIT Delhi, IIITD-IC, DTU, IIM Bangalore, and NVIDIA Inception. We’ve also secured vital seed funding from Ciena and the NASSCOM Foundation. This support validates our vision and fuels our journey towards reshaping the drone landscape.

At House Technologies, our goal is simple yet profound: to make advanced aerial solutions accessible to all. We’re not just building drones; we’re crafting a future where the skies are the limit for innovation and progress. Welcome to the future of drone technology; welcome to House Technologies.